Baltimore & Howard County Spring Show April 6, 2013

April 6, 2013

Howard County Fairgrounds,
2210 Fairgrounds Rd.
West Friendship, Md 21794

This will be my second Show YAY !! I have entered John my only Standard Rex Black Otter and one of my home breds Jack x CupCake Red Junior Mini Rex does. Soo exciting to show one of my own !!

Today I’m doing some grooming and picture taking. I will update this post afterwards.




3 thoughts on “Baltimore & Howard County Spring Show April 6, 2013

  1. Cool! Hope you have great success. I just purchased a breeding pair from the top breeder in Colorado. Can’t wait to show them off in a National Convention. She has BOB and BOS. He has 10 legs. BOB, BOS, many 1st places. Oh, BTW they are Holland Lops.

  2. Yes it is exciting !!! Thanks C.J’s Bunnies !!

    bijoubasinrabbitry – unfortunately I didn’t take that route when I started my rabbit adventure last July. I didn’t even know rabbits can be pedigreed !! I fell in love with my first rabbit John. So I’m starting from scratch my 3-4 generation pedigrees. The rabbit I’m showing this weekend is the first generation.

    Although after learning rabbits have pedigrees, all my does are pedigreed. But my 2 bucks and the first generation buck I kept are not. This is what I’m working with.

    I figure I will choose the best out of each litter (my best opinion) then show them to see what the Judge says and go from there. I think the best place to learn is standing beside the Judge with one of your rabbits on the show table. The Judge tells it as they see it. I like that.

    My friend Mrs. Brown just got involved with Showing – she went along with me to the Lebanon Expo PaSRBA Show and bought a Flemish Giant that is out of Champions and already has legs of it’s own.

    She didn’t like the starting from scratch. LOL

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