About My Rabbit Project

Hello, my name is Melissa Kirst and in June I decided to purchase a rabbit, I named him John Doe. John was born March 8 2012  I purchased him from a 4-H breeder in North Annville Pennsylvania.

I bought a Rabbit Hutch about 6 years ago and never bought the rabbit, so this past spring I moved the hutch closer to the house and decided I either buy a rabbit or give the hutch away. I ran an add on craigslist to find a rabbit.

Alot of people answered my advert – some wanting 80.00 for a rabbit, I thought that’s crazy pricing so I just waited till the right person contacted me with the right price. Then it happened – I found one darling 4 month old rabbit for 7.00. I bought him.

I researched and Googled for days on rabbit care, feeding rabbits, housing rabbits, grooming rabbits, breeding rabbits – I read anything rabbit.

I joined a rabbit discussion forum called Rabbit Talk and posted a question or two and I surprisingly had overwelming support from that community of rabbit fancy people. My first post there was to help ID my rabbit – then I asked how to sex my rabbit – then how to create my own personalized Rabbitry records in Open Office. The Rabbit Talk forums is great, a wealth of people and information on rabbits any new rabbit owner would appreciate.

My new Kirst Rabbitry project began with an empty rabbit hutch sitting tucked away in the back of the yard for 6 years and no rabbit – until June 2012 when I purchased John Doe.

I named my rabbit John Doe  simply because he is a rabbit with no pedigree. Unlike dogs and cats – rabbits you can eventually Register, Show, Exhibit and ultimately even Grand Champion all beginning with 2 unregistered (none pedigreed) rabbits. You just need to record individual rabbit details, weights, ear tattoo’s, color, health and shows for 3-4 generations. After the 3-4 generations I can finally Register the 4th generation of rabbits – then exhibit at shows, fairs, ect and win legs towards maybe just maybe a Grand Champion. All sounds so exciting to me I think.

So, I created my own custom Kirst Rabbitry Management documents in printable form to keep records in a binder type management system. I bought another rabbit hutch and began my search for another rabbit. Meanwhile for John I mixed my own daily feed ration and fresh greens and vegetable schedual for optimal health and beauty.

I also noticed wire hanging cages are hard to come by for a decent price, so here shortly I’m going to start designing my own hanging cages for rabbits and eventually offer them to the public.

The goal for my new Kirst Rabbitry Project is to eventually get a Grand Champion offspring years down the line – all starting with my darling John.

All sounds so interesting and exciting to me  –  genetic color codes and patterns is what sparked my interest honestly, once I thoroughly read a few Google links and read the possibilities of genetic colors and patterns – well, John suddenly became much more than a rabbit in a hutch for vegetable matter disposal outta my kitchen.


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