Naming and Tattooing CupCakes Babies at 14 weeks old

The babies are growing up nice !! They are 14 weeks old now and soo darling !!

I have decided to name all in this litter with the letter “A” – I figure keep it simple with my tattoo series – that way whenever so and so is refered to I know exactly which bunny is in question.

Beings there are 5 girls and 1 boy – I named the boy Achim (MKA1).  Ha Ha

The girls names are:

Anon (MKA2)

Asia (MKA3)

Avi (MKAH) – H because I messed up the 4

April (MKA5) – here the 5 kinda looks like a S

Africa (MKA6)

Anon, Asia and Avi I plan to show. I think Anon has the nicest color also the nicest furred bunny. That’s just my opinion.

April’s Tattoo




My first Rabbit Show – I entered my Standard Rex John

YAY !!

I decided to take my Standard Rex John after all. He is my favorite and the King of all rabbits around here. When I first bought him off Craigslist in July – I had every intention on taking him to a show. So I decided to not let him down.

He did rather well – all things considered.

He didn’t like the show cage I bought for him, he’s not used to staying in a cage of any sorts. But I did buy the second smallest at the vendor.

John Standard Rex


John @ Lebanon Expo Feb 2-3 2013

This is what John and I came home with after our first Rabbit Show.

John Ribbons

I had so much fun !!

I’m looking forward to our next show – maybe by that time I can take one of CupCake’s babies !!


CupCake x Jack Mini Rex Bunnies 8 weeks old

The Mini Rex baby bunnies are 8 weeks old and are successfully weaned from mom. I’ve determined there are 5 female and one male. The Cream colored bunny being the only male.

Not sure on the colors though (if you know for sure please leave a comment) they seem to keep changing as they get older. For the most part the cream, opal and red are staying the same .. it’s the other 3 that go threw color changes. I was told that’s the Agouti genes – you never know the final color till they molt their first coat around 5 – 8 months.

Here they are … whatcha think ?

CupCake x Jack 8 weeks old


Female Mini Rex

Female Mini Rex

Female Mini Rex


Male Mini Rex


Female Mini Rex

Female Mini Rex

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Harlequin Mini Rex (Silly)

My new addition is a Japanese Harlequin Mini Rex doe (A_B_C_D_ej_) which carries the (ej) gene. This is the doe I’m going to use to start my Tri colored Mini Rex program. Harlequin isn’t a showable color with the Mini Rex, but, the broken version is what will give me my Tri colored rabbits.

Silly Harlequin Mini Rex

Silly Harlequin Mini Rex

Silly Harlequin Mini Rex

Silly Harlequin Mini Rex

While learning some of this genetic stuff I gather the Harlequin is considered a solid colored rabbit (enen) so I would have to breed my Harlequin doe to a broken buck (Enen) to produce the broken pattern for Tri colored rabbits. I’ve also read that the (ej) is a brindling gene that causes Tri and Harlequin is incompletely dominant and does mess up other colors. It’s the (eje) genotype rabbits that are self based and are considered torted while the Agouti based (eje) rabbits are not torted – that’s how I understand it.

So, I will have to keep my Harlequin and Tri project seperate from my other Mini Rex line. I also read that Harlequin and Tri have the same genetic code (A_B_C_D_ej_) BUT Harlequin is solid color (enen) and Tri is broken (Enen).

All I need now is a broken (Enen) or nice charlie marked tri colored (EnEn) mini rex buck. I have a broken tort doe but no broken bucks. A charlie would be nice because a charlie is the most dominant gene for broken and a solid is the most recessive. Normal broken pattern carries both genes (En & en) = (Enen)

Solid (enen) x Solid (enen) = 100% Solid (enen)

Charlie (EnEn) x Charlie (EnEn) = 100% Charlie (EnEn)

Broken (Enen) x Broken (Enen) = Charlie’s (EnEn) – Brokens (Enen) –  Solids (enen)

Broken (Enen) x Solid (enen) = Broken’s (Enen) – Solids (enen)

Charlie (EnEn) x Solid (enen) = 100% broken (Enen)


Understanding Punnett Squares (Opal x Castor)

This is Jack and CupCake.

And these are their kits at 2 days old. I’m taking a guess I see castor, lilac, and chocolate based kits. Some are self and some have pattern. I am honestly in hopes that one in the right picture all the way to the left is a red. Keeping fingers crossed.  😀

Here is the Punnett Square for the kits I made with Jack and CupCakes genotype based on the phenotype alone. I think this is the correct way to present a punnett square.

Ok that posted. Here goes. Ha.

This is how I understand the Letter gene series.

The A gene can only be 3 things – agouti “A”, tan “at” or self “aa”.

CupCake and Jack both have one “A” in their phenotype, the other gene is unknown – but now I have kits from them so here goes.  😯 So if one of the babies is all brown (chocolate) or a self, that would mean both CupCake and Jack need to have each contributed the “a” gene. Is this right ?

Ok, now if at least one of the kits is a self chocolate or solid color (for example) – both CupCake and Jack contributed the “a” gene meaning on the punnett square I can change both CupCake and Jacks phenotype to “Aa”. That’s how I understand it.

On to the B series. “B” black and “b” brown (chocolate) – dilute of black is blue and dilute of brown (chocolate) is lilac. Ok same thing here – if one of the kits from CupCake and Jack is brown (chocolate) then each parent had to contribute the “b” gene. This means I can change both CupCake and Jacks phenotype on the punnett square to “Bb”. That’s how I understand it.

Now the C gene, this letter series is complicated but I think I know the basics. Correct me if I’m wrong. The C series is responsible for full colors. I know CupCake and Jack are not “c” meaning REW (ruby eyed white) so no “c” in the phenotype. Also none of the kits are REW so I think it’s safe to say no “c” gene. At least so far with one breeding. Not sure what to put on the punnett square other than one “C” for both CupCake and Jack. I’m leaning toward C(chd) but I don’t know enough yet so I leave the C location alone for now.

Ok the D series is density and dilution of color. “D” dense, “dd” dilute and “Dd” dense carrying dilute. Simple enough. So if one of CupCake and Jacks kits is a lilac that means each parent contributed a “d” gene. Meaning I can change both Jack and CupCake to “Dd” on the punnett square.

And finally the E series which is responsible for extension or non-extension of color down the hair shaft. There is a whole slew of them but I figure process of elimination here. “EE” full extension of color, “ee” non extension of color, “Ee” extension carrying non extension and “enen” solid color. At this point I don’t think any of the other genes in this letter series apply – but I dunno and I’m not quite sure how “enen” fits in either with the solid color. If someone could explain that would be great.  :geek:

— about this E series – I think because I see a possible red (not sure of that either) I assume I can change both Jack and CupCakes punnett square to “Ee” ? and tag onto that “en” because the possible chocolate, lilac and red appear one color – so there would have to be a solid color gene in there somewhere. Still learning all this though.  😉

So here is the new punnett square – with what I think looking at the kits. What do you think ? Corrections ?

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Opal x Castor Mini Rex Litter

Jack my Opal Mini Rex (A-B-C-ddEe) and CupCake my Castor Mini Rex (A-B-C-Dd-Ee) had a litter of 7 babies !!

Jack (Opal Mini Rex)

Jack (Opal Mini Rex)

CupCake (Castor Mini Rex)

CupCake (Castor Mini Rex)

Before this breeding Jacks Phenotype I assumed to be A-B-C-ddE- but now that his 7 babies with CupCake have arrived I believe his code is now AaBbC-ddEe although not 100% certain (still learning alleles here) but as I pick apart each color location I should be able to fill in the blanks.

Before this breeding  CupCakes Phenotype I assumed to be A-B-C-D-E- but now that her 7 babies have arrived I believe this code is now AaBbC-DdEe although not 100% certain (still learning alleles here) but as I pick apart each color location I should be able to fill in the blank.

Here are pictures of the 7. Maybe one of you can help me with colors and alleles ? Thanks.

Jack x CupCake Mini Rex

Jack x CupCake Mini Rex

Jack x CupCake Mini Rex

Jack x CupCake Mini Rex

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(John x Jill) Jade – Solid Black – 8 weeks old.

This is a kit from the very first litter of my Breeding Project. I believe a male, but because I’m new to all this rabbit stuff – I could be wrong. I’m pretty sure Jade is a male though.

John (Black Otter) x Jill (Black Tort) = Jade aaB-C-D-Ee carries the rex gene.

This baby is friendly, used to being handled, not afraid of a dog or cat and loves to sit with us on the sofa. This baby bunny loves his people and knows the litterbox.

This bunny is listed on my For Sale page.