Baltimore & Howard County Spring Show April 6, 2013

April 6, 2013

Howard County Fairgrounds,
2210 Fairgrounds Rd.
West Friendship, Md 21794

This will be my second Show YAY !! I have entered John my only Standard Rex Black Otter and one of my home breds Jack x CupCake Red Junior Mini Rex does. Soo exciting to show one of my own !!

Today I’m doing some grooming and picture taking. I will update this post afterwards.




Update: CupCake x Jack bunnies at 14 weeks old

They are 14 weeks old now. 1 boy and 5 girls.     ;o)

Achim (MKA1)

April (MKA5)

Avi (MKAH)

Africa (MKA6)

Anon (MKA2)

Asia (MKA3)

Naming and Tattooing CupCakes Babies at 14 weeks old

The babies are growing up nice !! They are 14 weeks old now and soo darling !!

I have decided to name all in this litter with the letter “A” – I figure keep it simple with my tattoo series – that way whenever so and so is refered to I know exactly which bunny is in question.

Beings there are 5 girls and 1 boy – I named the boy Achim (MKA1).  Ha Ha

The girls names are:

Anon (MKA2)

Asia (MKA3)

Avi (MKAH) – H because I messed up the 4

April (MKA5) – here the 5 kinda looks like a S

Africa (MKA6)

Anon, Asia and Avi I plan to show. I think Anon has the nicest color also the nicest furred bunny. That’s just my opinion.

April’s Tattoo



My first Rabbit Show – I entered my Standard Rex John

YAY !!

I decided to take my Standard Rex John after all. He is my favorite and the King of all rabbits around here. When I first bought him off Craigslist in July – I had every intention on taking him to a show. So I decided to not let him down.

He did rather well – all things considered.

He didn’t like the show cage I bought for him, he’s not used to staying in a cage of any sorts. But I did buy the second smallest at the vendor.

John Standard Rex


John @ Lebanon Expo Feb 2-3 2013

This is what John and I came home with after our first Rabbit Show.

John Ribbons

I had so much fun !!

I’m looking forward to our next show – maybe by that time I can take one of CupCake’s babies !!


Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits – John and Jill had 4 kits !!

Ohh it’s been a busy busy past few days. Of all the does I have, Jill surprised me on October 4, 2012 with 4 baby bunnies.  John is a daddy !!

Jill and John are being great parents – the baby bunnies are are growing up nicely.  Jill tends to them about 2-3 times a day to clean up and fill their bellies.

Jill didn’t pull her fur for the nest until the next day but when she did – boy did she pull fur and line everything in the hutch. John even stood there while she pulled fur from him to line the next box !! I noticed she used her fur to line the hutch and she used Johns fur to line the next box.

John goes in the next box to wash the babies after Jill just finished washing and feeding. I think it’s amazing watching how two parent rabbits tend to their kits. I would have never thought John and Jill would be like this after reading websites that say you must separate the buck from the doe – because the buck will kill the babies. I find that not true at all – but of course, John and Jill are a bonded pair since young them selves.

I would like to pick one of these babies to show in February at the Rabbit Expo.  This is so exciting !!

John is a (Black Otter = at_B_C_D_E_) Standard Rex and Jill is a Cinnamon (A_bbC_D_E_ or Black Tort = aaB_C_D_ee).





And of course here are the 4 babies. I would like to do a blog post on every day as they grow, picture page how the stages are in the growth of a rabbit from newborn. I think that would be fun. I’ll start a separate post starting on day one and go from there. I have more exciting news before I start that project though. Hang on I’ll get to that in a minute. WOOT !!

Day 1

Day 1