Baltimore & Howard County Spring Show April 6, 2013

April 6, 2013

Howard County Fairgrounds,
2210 Fairgrounds Rd.
West Friendship, Md 21794

This will be my second Show YAY !! I have entered John my only Standard Rex Black Otter and one of my home breds Jack x CupCake Red Junior Mini Rex does. Soo exciting to show one of my own !!

Today I’m doing some grooming and picture taking. I will update this post afterwards.




My first Rabbit Show – I entered my Standard Rex John

YAY !!

I decided to take my Standard Rex John after all. He is my favorite and the King of all rabbits around here. When I first bought him off Craigslist in July – I had every intention on taking him to a show. So I decided to not let him down.

He did rather well – all things considered.

He didn’t like the show cage I bought for him, he’s not used to staying in a cage of any sorts. But I did buy the second smallest at the vendor.

John Standard Rex


John @ Lebanon Expo Feb 2-3 2013

This is what John and I came home with after our first Rabbit Show.

John Ribbons

I had so much fun !!

I’m looking forward to our next show – maybe by that time I can take one of CupCake’s babies !!


(John x Jill) Jade – Solid Black – 8 weeks old.

This is a kit from the very first litter of my Breeding Project. I believe a male, but because I’m new to all this rabbit stuff – I could be wrong. I’m pretty sure Jade is a male though.

John (Black Otter) x Jill (Black Tort) = Jade aaB-C-D-Ee carries the rex gene.

This baby is friendly, used to being handled, not afraid of a dog or cat and loves to sit with us on the sofa. This baby bunny loves his people and knows the litterbox.

This bunny is listed on my For Sale page.








John and Jill’s kits 10 days old. (pictures)

Today Jill and John’s kits are 11 days old and doing very well. I took some pictures of them individually yesterday.

At this point I think (not sure this is all new to me) there are 3 boys and one girl. The smallest and my favorite being the girl. I will probably not know for sure till they are 6 or so weeks old but to inspect and guess is for when picking out names for my Rabbitry Records.

I would like to pick at least one for the Show coming up in February 2013,  see where my first litter of bunnies takes me in the Judges eyes.

Beings these two parents John and Jill are not pedigreed – this litter of bunnies will be the first generation listen on my Rabbitry Records and the start of my 4 generation pedigree for this bloodline. This is so exciting !!

Here are some pictures of the Maniac litter – how do they look ? They are 10 days old in these pictures I took yesterday.

Maniac Kit 1

Maniac Kit 1

Maniac Kit 2

Maniac Kit 2

Maniac Kit 3

Maniac Kit 3

Maniac Kit 4

Maniac Kit 4



Jean Doe is growing up nicely.

Jean is the bunny I got from my boss’s son the first week in September. She was so tiny when I brought her home, she must be a dwarf of some sorts because she has only maybe gained a pound if that and she is a wootz. She is the smallest rabbit I have and by the looks of it she will be staying a small rabbit.

She loves being in the house and running around with Stretch (my Holland Lop house rabbit) she was very easy to house train and she uses the litter box very well. Stretch had alot to do with that because he is 100% house broken, so the only pee and berries in the house is in the litterbox .. this helped Jean alot with house breaking. Actually, it helped with house breaking John and Jill too.

So if you plan on house breaking a rabbit, it’s a whole lot easier if you have a litterbox already with rabbit droppings (berries) and pee in it.  All you need to do then is keep the rabbit in a confined area like the kitchen for a few house and slowly give them more area to roam after they use the box a few times.  Just so you know.

Here is Jean – pictures taken today. Those color spots on her back did get darker as she aged and the weather cooled down. BTW. I’m still not sure what breed or mix of breeds she is so if you know please leave a comment. I haven’t checked her sex either since I brought her home so maybe the sex change fairy was around. Ha Ha I do think she’s a girl though. I’ll have to double check on of these days.

Jean Doe

Jean Doe

Jean Doe

Jean Doe


Jill and John’s kits are 8 days old !!

John and Jill’s baby bunnies are growing up nicely.  Absolutely Jill is a good mother. She had 4 kits and 4 are still alive. I read on a website usually first time mom rabbits don’t take care of their young or at least 1/2 the kits don’t survive. Jill had 4 kits and 4 kits are alive still. YAY !!

I named them the Maniac litter because they act like maniacs. Although for my rabbit records I’m going to use the letter “z” to name them. I didn’t sex them yet I figure wait till day 14 or 16 to do that as one website mentions.

Starlights 4 kits did die. 3 died the night of day 2 and the 3rd kit died the morning of day 3.  Darn it.

I’m thankful Jill’s 4 kits are well and active, I look forward to seeing them grow up and picking one to show. I do have an idea of which one but I’m sure you can tell until they are at least 6 weeks old.

Here’s a picture of the maniacs on day 7. They are so darling !!

Jill's 4 Maniacs

Jill’s 4 Maniacs


Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits – Starlight and Bee had 4 kits !!


Yes, it is true !! Remember those 3 pregnant pedigreed show does I bought from a show breeder ? One of them did have babies after all !! 2 of them were not pregnant.

Starlight, the Black (CCDDBB (?)) Mini Rex bred to BumbleBee (still owned by the breeder) a Orange/Black Harlequine (A_B_C_D_ejej enen) Buck had 4 baby bunnies on October 7, 2012.



BumbleBee (Owned by Morgan)

BumbleBee (Owned by Morgan)

These 4 babies I hope make it, things didn’t go too well the first day and I had to do some emergency care. Beings I’m all new to rabbits and especially newborn kits – I managed rather well in dire straights and time being a factor in life or death. The 4 bunnies are nice, warm and snug in a nextbox with the mom in my living room.

Today is the second day for these 4 kits. Because of the first day being, not so good. I noticed they cannot maintain body heat on their own, so I must keep them warm by other means. I hope this doesn’t mean a certain death in the near future like some websites say, but so far so good. I had to do the hot water dipping to revive all kits after born. So .. I dunno.

I hope the mom starts tending to her kits at least once a day. Although she’s seems to not take interest at all. And they say on many websites hand raising newborn kits has a 90% mortality rate.

Last night I did dropper feed them a few drops each to hold them over. I used a mixture I found on the RabbitTalk website.

1/2 cup evaporated milk

1/2 cup water

1 egg yolk

1/2 TBS light corn syrup  —  mix well and heat slow.

I did add to that mixture some Colostrum. I also didn’t add the whole 1/2 cup water.

This morning I fed them again and while I rubbed their privates with a warm wet cotton ball I noticed they poop and pee. So everything is going OK so far.

If I can keep them fed, warm and pee an pooped out – I’m hoping all will be good and well. At least until the mom decides to take over.

I would love to say these babies will be my show rabbits because that’s why Morgan bred them for me, but at this point, I just pray they make it to weaning time. I’ll keep you posted with updates and picture pages.

Starlight Kits Day 2

Starlight Kits Day 2

Starlight Kits Day 2

Starlight Kits Day 2