Silly (Harlequin) x Fudge (broken Chocolate) Mini Rex Litter D

Mini Rex Silly and Fudge’s litter is growing up nice. I think the one REW (only buck in the litter) is the nicest home bred yet !!

I’m keeping that one for the National Convention. The Castor has Harli marking on her belly – not showable. But I’m keeping her because of her small ears for my broken Tri program.

The broken Chocolate doe doesn’t have a butterfly – darn it !!! So not showable.

Mini Rex Bunnies

Mini Rex Bunnies

Mini Rex Bunnies

Mini Rex Bunnies






Baltimore & Howard Spring Show 2013 (two Rabbits) Results

I had a blast – that was a great show !!!

John Doe Kirst won Best of Variety, Best of Opposite Breed and Second in the Fur Class.

Asia Kirst (First Generation Mini Rex) won a First Place in Variety and then Fifth in the Fur Class.

Show Winnings

John X Splash (Litter B)

This will be my “B” litter beings CupCake X Jack’s litter was my “A” litter.

Today was their first day out of the nest box and away from mom. They did very well.

I took pictures and a quick video when I returned them to mom. They didn’t want to stay in the next box at first – they wanted to meet my dog and hang out with mom in the cage area. I thought that was cute.

I’m not sure if this here broken is a broken black Otter or not. I will need to get a confirmation on that. The two that look like John are black Otter although one is better marked than the other. The one with better markings is the only male and looks exactly like John. Although I hope this baby doesn’t have John’s scattered white hairs. ;o) John has a fault with his scattered white hairs on his body.

How do they look ? So darling I think !!! This is my second successful litter.

Bunny One – my first broken bunny !! I need to ask someone if I can show this one. She has a little white slit down her nose butterfly .. not sure if that’s a DQ  or not. She also has some white going about 1/4 up her ears .. The SOP says full butterfly/color on ears  – I need to get a professional opinion. If these are just a fault I’d like to show her.

Rex Rabbit

This is the mark  on her butterfly.  ???

Rex Rabbit

Bunny Two – this one doesn’t have the distinct tan triangle on the back of her neck – but it’s there. I hope it gets more pronounced as she grows up. She is also the smallest bunny of the 3.

Rex Rabbit

Bunny Three – This one here has funky looking eye markings. But looks the most like John and has a distinct tan triangle on the back of his neck.

Rex Rabbit

Fun Pictures ;o)

Rex Rabbits

Rex Rabbits


Baltimore & Howard County Spring Show April 6, 2013

April 6, 2013

Howard County Fairgrounds,
2210 Fairgrounds Rd.
West Friendship, Md 21794

This will be my second Show YAY !! I have entered John my only Standard Rex Black Otter and one of my home breds Jack x CupCake Red Junior Mini Rex does. Soo exciting to show one of my own !!

Today I’m doing some grooming and picture taking. I will update this post afterwards.



Naming and Tattooing CupCakes Babies at 14 weeks old

The babies are growing up nice !! They are 14 weeks old now and soo darling !!

I have decided to name all in this litter with the letter “A” – I figure keep it simple with my tattoo series – that way whenever so and so is refered to I know exactly which bunny is in question.

Beings there are 5 girls and 1 boy – I named the boy Achim (MKA1).  Ha Ha

The girls names are:

Anon (MKA2)

Asia (MKA3)

Avi (MKAH) – H because I messed up the 4

April (MKA5) – here the 5 kinda looks like a S

Africa (MKA6)

Anon, Asia and Avi I plan to show. I think Anon has the nicest color also the nicest furred bunny. That’s just my opinion.

April’s Tattoo



CupCake x Jack Mini Rex Bunnies 8 weeks old

The Mini Rex baby bunnies are 8 weeks old and are successfully weaned from mom. I’ve determined there are 5 female and one male. The Cream colored bunny being the only male.

Not sure on the colors though (if you know for sure please leave a comment) they seem to keep changing as they get older. For the most part the cream, opal and red are staying the same .. it’s the other 3 that go threw color changes. I was told that’s the Agouti genes – you never know the final color till they molt their first coat around 5 – 8 months.

Here they are … whatcha think ?

CupCake x Jack 8 weeks old


Female Mini Rex

Female Mini Rex

Female Mini Rex


Male Mini Rex


Female Mini Rex

Female Mini Rex

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Harlequin Mini Rex (Silly)

My new addition is a Japanese Harlequin Mini Rex doe (A_B_C_D_ej_) which carries the (ej) gene. This is the doe I’m going to use to start my Tri colored Mini Rex program. Harlequin isn’t a showable color with the Mini Rex, but, the broken version is what will give me my Tri colored rabbits.

Silly Harlequin Mini Rex

Silly Harlequin Mini Rex

Silly Harlequin Mini Rex

Silly Harlequin Mini Rex

While learning some of this genetic stuff I gather the Harlequin is considered a solid colored rabbit (enen) so I would have to breed my Harlequin doe to a broken buck (Enen) to produce the broken pattern for Tri colored rabbits. I’ve also read that the (ej) is a brindling gene that causes Tri and Harlequin is incompletely dominant and does mess up other colors. It’s the (eje) genotype rabbits that are self based and are considered torted while the Agouti based (eje) rabbits are not torted – that’s how I understand it.

So, I will have to keep my Harlequin and Tri project seperate from my other Mini Rex line. I also read that Harlequin and Tri have the same genetic code (A_B_C_D_ej_) BUT Harlequin is solid color (enen) and Tri is broken (Enen).

All I need now is a broken (Enen) or nice charlie marked tri colored (EnEn) mini rex buck. I have a broken tort doe but no broken bucks. A charlie would be nice because a charlie is the most dominant gene for broken and a solid is the most recessive. Normal broken pattern carries both genes (En & en) = (Enen)

Solid (enen) x Solid (enen) = 100% Solid (enen)

Charlie (EnEn) x Charlie (EnEn) = 100% Charlie (EnEn)

Broken (Enen) x Broken (Enen) = Charlie’s (EnEn) – Brokens (Enen) –  Solids (enen)

Broken (Enen) x Solid (enen) = Broken’s (Enen) – Solids (enen)

Charlie (EnEn) x Solid (enen) = 100% broken (Enen)