New Facebook Group: The Rabbit Holes & Gardens – all garden and rabbit fanciers welcome !!

This group is designed for owners, breeders and gardeners to post pictures, share stories, trade information, ask questions, advertise rabbits/bunnies, plants/flowers/seeds/cuttings, search for rabbits/bunnies, plants/flowers/seeds/cuttings, advertise, sell/trade etc. Pretty much anything rabbit/bunny and anything gardening.
Post all your tips & tricks, pictures, videos, questions and advice you like.
Open Group.
Join Us !!



YAY – I also created a Weebly site for Kirst Rabbitry – Check it out !!

In addition to The Rabbit Hole discussion forum I also over the past few days created a site on Weebly for Kirst Rabbitry.

I figured having a website to showcase all my rabbits would be ideal instead of paging threw all the wordpress posts to see pictures of my rabbits.

The new website is simple and you can click the tab that interests you most like the boys or the girls or the for sale or the gallery and wallah.

I’m not sure how to link them all yet but for now the new website will do if anyone wants to see info conveniently in one place.